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Beauty Talks is a space where we dialogue, tell each other and discover everything that revolves around the Hyalustar world and beyond.

In our second appointment, we meet Vanessa Bramati, cosmetic researcher.

Hello Vanessa and welcome, I’ll leave you the word to introduce you to readers.

Hi everyone, I'm Vanessa and I'm involved in cosmetic research. I hold a master's degree in biology, I'm 41 years old and I have been practicing this profession since I was 21 years old.

What is your professional goal?

Continue to grow more and more in research and convey enthusiasm and determination within the company.

What do you think is the added value of a female researcher?

I believe that women are particularly gifted at listening, valuing and understanding. These aptitudes, combined with the sensitivity that sets us apart, are essential in an environment where research is the key word.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in science?

Science subjects have always fascinated me, and throughout my journey, from school to the working world, I have never stopped being passionate about research. Even after so many years, I still feel that I have the same enthusiasm that I had when I started.

What makes the difference in dermocosmetics research?

Passion, dedication and desire to create innovative cosmetics. Precisely because in this sector everything that is creative and original has significant value, it is very important to make sure that self-care can include products that really make a difference.

Tell us about your beauty routine: what do you look for and how do you choose products to use?

I have gotten to know my skin and take care of it every day, trying to keep it as healthy as possible. I use few but specific products that gently cleanse and moisturize while respecting my skin. A cleanser to start, a serum as a base, a cream and a trickle of makeup to finish.

What advice would you give to tomorrow's female researchers?

If you feel that the scientific field belongs to you, don't miss the opportunity to express yourself. Great things could come through your ideas and passion.

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