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Hyalustar is a Dermaser brand, born in 2021, that offers a range of high-performance and green skincare products. We build a system based on an innovative hyaluronic acid, the PrincipHYAL® Cube3, combined with other active ingredients of natural or biotechnological origin, formulating ingredients of the latest generation to create a perfect match of science and cosmetic.
Responsibility and technology are the basis of our everyday life. For Hyalustar responsibility means carefully selecting green raw materials from the circular economy, but also promoting a responsible purchase supported by scientifically proven information. At the center of our research we put the skin needs and we study a beauty care routine that can be suitable to its needs.



Dermaser is an italian cosmetic company founded in 2006 by dermatologists and Health & Beauty Care professionals. Its mission is to increase people’s awareness of the products they use, understand the real needs of their body, recognize their quality and effectiveness to reach general well-being. Dermaser is committed to transparent cosmetic with a positive impact on the environment, using high-quality ingredients from the Italian cosmetic industry. All products are submitted to clinical tests and dermatological controls to ensure safety and effectiveness. In addition, the company focuses on innovation and the search for new technologies to develop cutting-edge products that contribute to daily well-being.


Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Hyalustar, proud of its Made in Italy, promotes transparent and responsible cosmetic that is the result of conscious choice, using sustainable packaging and green raw materials from circular economy.

Skincare products

Transparent cosmetic

Ethics and transparency guide our communication. The respect of the cosmetic supply chain, made in Italy, guarantees traceability from the origin of the production process, putting your health and safety first. We share scientifically proven information about our products, allowing you to make informed and responsible purchases.

Positive impact packaging

From the tube to the shipment, we check every single step to protect the environment and have a positive impact approach. We prefer mono-material packaging, which is easier to dispose of, and we use special water inks that aren’t harmful for the environment. We carefully select our suppliers to collaborate with those who can guarantee green and sustainable raw materials.

Natural resources protection

Water, the life source, is a resource at risk. Every drop must be used carefully. For this reason, in our products we use biologically active water crafted with a circular economy system: CytoFruit® Waters.

Made in Italy

Our supply chain is Made in Italy, guaranteeing control and quality on raw materials and maximizing energy efficiency, fully respecting the planet.


Is said about us:

Is said about us:

Miriana Savasta
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I have been using this product for a week and I think it’s a great discovery. Despite its great hydrating power it’s not greasy and the technology designed for this product makes it qualitatively excellent even if the price remains low! Vote: 10/10
Carlo D
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I’ve been using it for a few days and the result is fantastic, the texture is light and it absorbs immediately. I will absolutely try all the other Hyalustar products.
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The face cream is fantastic! It absorbs immediately, it lets your skin soft and compact.