Vegetable Proteins for your hair

All the Benefits of an Exceptional Ingredient

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Increasingly used in the cosmetic field, Vegetable Proteins - biological macromolecules formed by amino acids - are an effective ingredient in hair health treatments, offering a natural and multifunctional solution.

Being natural , and thus free of synthetic chemicals or allergens, they act gently and safely on the scalp, preventing irritation and being suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Vegetable Proteins' benefits

Based on plant keratin, proteins derived from cereals - such as soy, wheat, and quinoa - from oily products - such as coconut and almond oil - or extracted from herbs help repair the outermost layer of the hair, the cuticle, which tends to get damaged after aggressive and continuous treatments on the scalp, resulting in frizzy, dull, and lifeless hair.

Due to excessively high temperatures, like those from flat irons and blow dryers, bleaching, and the use of invasive products, significant loss of elasticity, shine, and volume occurs.

 The proteins act as a true protection that penetrates from the outside to the inside, creating an imperceptible film that wraps around the hair and fills the cuticle spaces, maintaining hydration.

Super Hair Filler - Hyalustar

The Super Hair Filler, Hyalustar, combines plant proteins and hyaluronic acid PrincipHYAL® Cube33, strengthening the lengths, sealing hair tears, and keeping it voluminous, shinier, and more resistant..

In particular, it has two main functions:

  • ANTISTATIC: reduces static charges, decreasing frizz, deeply hydrating, and facilitating styling.
  • CONDITIONING: leaves hair easy to comb, soft, and shiny.

It is applied before styling or during sun exposure by massaging it along the lengths to also aid in detangling.

Easy and quick to use, the Super Filler is suitable for all hair types and combines professional ingredients with an easy-to-use formula for optimal restructuring results.

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