The frequences for your skin

How music influences skin health

Music for your skin

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The effect of music on our well-being has been known since ancient times. From the Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, who attributed great beneficial properties to it, to Apollo, the god of the medical arts and singing, music and well-being have always been closely related worlds.

During the conference "Music and Medicine: From Well-being to Treatment", held by Bracco Foundation on 19 april 2023, ten researchers from across Italy presented their scientific evidence on its therapeutic value.

A true form of therapy, music has a positive and significant impact on both mental and physical health, influencing mood, emotions, and all aspects of human sensory experience. The skin, being a powerful receptor in its own right, responds to stimuli from sound waves through a genuine process of cellular regeneration; when a wave hits the body, it vibrates and resonates with it.

The power of music on skin

The holistic approach to beauty & wellness takes into account this mind-body connection to harness the power of music as a healing and beneficial ally for the skin: creating a relaxing environment with a background of slow waves during skincare rituals can transform a simple treatment into a complete sensory experience, promoting greater well-being both internally and externally.

This happens because when the mind and body are in a state of tranquility and relaxation, cortisol levels - the stress hormone - decrease significantly. Conversely, excessive stress causes inflammation, collagen degradation, and sebum production, all factors contributing toskin aging. Grazie alla musica e ai suoi effetti calmanti, il corpo è stimolato nella produzione di endorfine che rilasciano una sensazione di benessere generale: la pelle è meno stressata e in grado di riparare meglio i danni cellulari, con il risultato di un aspetto più elastico, luminoso e giovane.

Accompany the skin-care routine with specific sounds and frequencies, it is possible to enhance the effects of the products used, as vibrations promote better blood circulation and increase the absorption of active ingredients. Especially during the evening skincare routine, the body and skin are optimally prepared for sleep and the necessary rest to regenerate during the night, thanks to the induced sensation of natural relaxation.

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